Sunday, June 8, 2014

When the husbands away

The wife will paint???? 
That's right I painted and I painted something I've been wanting to paint since we bought it...but someone liked it. So while he was away I painted my kitchen table. 

Just a little back story, we bought this table for like $80 from Craigslist, it's travelled everywhere with us and it has taken a beating. To me it was needed to be changed. 

On Saturday a friend and I went to Home Depot and on a whim bought some paint, I came home put the kids down and got to work... 

This was before (excuse the messy floor I vacuum once a day)...please agree it's not a great looking table!?!?

I decided to go with grey because I felt is was more elegant for a kitchen table. Agree?

And here is the semi-finished product. I had to put 2 coats of seal on it so it would be super protected against a 3 and 1 year old! 
So the reason I say semi-finished is because I am debating whether I should keep the legs black or paint them a cream color. I think the black looks nice but I think a cream would look good too!! Uh decisions will be the death of me.  

Well that's all I painted. I wish we had more furniture that I could paint and that I actually had the time to paint more furniture, it is so much fun and relaxing!! 

Until Michael leaves again...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Keystone! Feb. 21- Feb. 23

For Michael's birthday I got us a trip to Keystone resort to go snow boarding! I was so thankful that Patches, Michael's mom, was willing to fly out here and watch the boys for us! We got to go boarding for 3 days! 

Let's just say our vacation was more than amazing! It was so relaxing and intense at the same time. I thought at times I was really going to hurt myself coming down that mountain! Michael was a pro at snow boarding, he took to it way faster than I did, I was a worry wart too scared to get hurt! Aside from boarding we took time to walk around in the Keystone shopping area, eat ridiculous expensive food, and hanging out at our condo watching the Olympics. Of course though we go on vacation with no kids and can't sleep in past 630! 

Michael managed to biff it quite a few times but I learned you must fall to get back up and get better, I chose not to fall instead I glided down the mountain on my butt most the time! We also, and by we I mean Michael, managed to lose the keys somewhere between the top and the mountain and our hotel room. Michael had no idea if he took them out of his pocket or not. We spent all Saturday night tearing our room apart looking for them and all Sunday morning frantically calling lock smiths to make a new key for our car. Thank goodness they were turned in, whoever found them deserves a HUGE award!! 

I already miss being on vacation and spending alone time with my favorite person! Until next year vacation!! It's a cruise next time, woohoo!! 

Our new house

Here are pictures of the new house errr apartment!! I like it, nice and roomy. We definitely need to decorate some rooms more but for now it works! 

Our living room from the kitchen. 
Our kitchen/dining room from the front door! 
Tae's bedroom! 
Avery's room! (Ignore the lack of decorations!)
Our bedroom (again we need more decorations...I'm working on it)! 

Video to be posted later when it will load! Hopefully we'll have internet soon and we won't have to use our phones. 

Woah...that was way too much!

So I just got done paying our credit card bill for the month and wow did we spend WAY to much money. 
It's funny thinking about this because I used to be a frugal, and when I say frugal I mean super frugal we can't buy anything and must live off scraps type person. Here I am paying off an outrageous credit card bill and thinking I need to transfer money to pay the rest of the bills. 
So here is my proposal for the month of June, I'm going back to frugal Nichole!! I'm not going to spend money on unnecessary items. We will buy groceries, gas, pay our bills, and work related stuff. That's it!! No crazy spending! We are trying to buy a house this year and we can't do that spending money the way we are now. 

He is to frugal Nancy coming back, I might be lame but I am lame with money for a house!! 

That is all, I hope and pray I hold myself accountable to this goal. Wish me luck, I will update as June goes by! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We are finally moved...again

Goodbye Fort Morgan, Colorado...Hello Elko, Nevada!!

I have completely mixed feelings about this move (sorry to anyone that lives in Fort Morgan) but that town stinks, literally. I was so excited to move out of there and on to the next, less smelly place. When I told people we were coming to Elko they gave me terrible reviews but now that I am here, honestly, it isn't that bad at all. There are a few stores, more than any other place we have lived, and we have a nice apartment, not a house but it will do for the short time we are here. It's like some people have told me, you can deal with almost anything if it's only for 4-6 months. I can definitely deal with Elko.
I will miss Fort Morgan especially the few friends I've made. Fort Morgan was good to me, in that without it I would have NEVER found Jamberry and ventured on that new journey. I would be a bored college student with nothing to do in my free time! Thanks Eden! 
I am excited for our new journey here in Elko, the new friends we will make, the old friends that are moving here to work at the mine with Michael. I am excited because there are TONS of activities this summer for Tae to participate in, we live right next door to a huge park and Wal-Mart is literally right down the street. We found a gym to join, that has tanning I might add, and we are going to kick our booties in to shape! Michael is super excited about that. 
I'm just trying to keep my head up, look at the positives of everything in life, I mean why be negative when God gave me this beautiful life, I should enjoy every aspect of it.
I thank God every single day for the family he blessed me with and the things he has given me. None of this would be possible without Him. 
Next step in good ole Elko is to find a church!! Hopefully this Sunday!

Goodnight peeps!
Well on to homework I guess! 

P.S. Mom if you read this I'll post pictures tomorrow!! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Operation Get in Shape for Summer Vacation

Michael and I decided that a summer vacation this year is a MUST, where we are going I have no idea yet! However it has been over a year since I had Avery and it's time to get my booty in shape.
I've never been one to like diets, I mean if you know me I like my Dr. Pepper and Chocolate Chip Cookies (it's a problem I know) but I must get in shape and be healthy again. This time I'm doing things differently. 
I'm not going to be keeping track of how many pounds I've lost.
I'm not going to make unrealistic goals for myself, my main goal is to have more energy during the day!
I'm going to go off of how I feel, I just want to feel healthy again.
I will work out daily but I want to do fun workouts and motivating workouts
I found some super awesome videos on YouTube that I am going to do, they are fun and the girls aren't ripped or super stick thin, they are normal just like me trying to maintain their healthy lifestyle!!

Here is to summer vacation and getting in shape!

Today I started my workouts with this video:
(Can we talk about hard but super fun! I love all the videos this girl posts! Definitely follow her!) 

I also did 30 minutes of cardio and will go on a walk with the kids tonight! 

I just have to keep telling myself:
I will look good in that swim suit!
I will look good in that swim suit!

Come follow my journey to a new healthier Nichole!!! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Please excuse this post...

This post is dedicated to me losing weight, getting in shape, and getting healthy. Please excuse the pictures that are about to be posted but I need to place them in a public spot where I can look back on them and think "I don't want to be like that anymore, I want to be healthier than that." I also understand that I need a tan, I am as white as a ghost. 

Having two kids has done a number on my body and I am ready to lose it. Let me side track and say that I would do those pregnancies all over again because the end result, the babies, are completely worth the change in my body.

There is no specific number I want to reach, no set amount of weight I want to lose, I just want to be healthy and happy with my body. I don't want a six pack, although it would be nice, I just want to wear my clothes and not hate how I look in them. I want to look in the mirror and say "wow I look good today." I want to be able to buy new clothes and not be ashamed of how they fit. 

I've noticed over the past few months that I am constantly tired, it takes everything I have to get up and play with my kids. At nap time I just crash on the couch and fall asleep with them. I shouldn't feel this way, I am only 23 years old, I should have energy and be able to go all day without feeling lethargic. I shouldn't need caffeine to keep me awake, even though Dr. Pepper does taste super yummy! 

So here is to getting healthy, not only for me but for Tae, Avery, and for Michael. I owe it to them to be the best mommy and wife that I can be. I am ready for change!

P.S. I WILL NOT be giving up Dr. Pepper, I just don't want to drink it everyday or twice a day, I mean more than twice a day. Call me addicted why don't ya!

These aren't even the beginning of my journey, I started off right after I had Avery but I just now decided to take beginning pictures. I hope to post pictures of my progress throughout the weeks! This is going to be a long hard journey!

Again please excuse these pictures!! Thanks!!